Product Design

Our products are designed by a Melbourne Mum, for mums. 

The team at Mum Made Yum know what it's like to have pickers eaters, so all of our products are designed to take away some of that struggle for parents and kids.


Our Design Process

Allow us to take you behind the scenes of our design process.

Each of our products have been carefully curated, designed & sourced to provide you with the best quality products. Safety is our number 1 focus, along with ease of use.

From the design of our unique bento lunchboxes, the artwork in the trays and the quality of materials used in production, every detail has been carefully considered.

 Product Design


Bento Design:

It all starts with the design process. The Mum Made Yum team know what's it's like to have picker eaters, so we have designed every detail of our bento lunchbox & baby tableware range to encourage self-feeding and a positive eating experience. Ease of use for kids and babies has been front of mind the entire design process. 

We have developed a unique bento tray design in each bento lunchbox, which helps keep food separate. Our versatile bento design can convert from a 6-section bento to a 4-section bento in a matter of seconds, giving you the flexibility of smaller or larger sections, which can comfortably fit a whole sandwich or wrap. 


  • Unique convertible 4 or 6-section inner tray 
  • Leakproof. The bento is designed to avoid leaks of thick liquids like yogurt or dips. We do not recommend placing liquids like water or juice, as this may leak between compartments.
  • Our removable tray & insert can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • The inner tray is suitable for microwave & dishwasher use. We do not recommend placing the outer shell in the microwave. 

Product Design

Bento Tray Design

Our unique graphic designed artwork in the bento tray gives your child an incentive to reach the bottom of their bento during mealtime, and it can make feeding time more fun! We've spent hours designing this artwork, and even road tested it with our own kids!  


Product Design

Product Design


Mum Made Yum only uses the highest quality food grade materials, which are BPA free, non-toxic, quality checked and ISO certified and tested. 

Our products are produced by plastic injection machines, which are regularly quality checked, audited and upgraded to meet the highest quality standard.

Materials used:
  • Lock - ABS
  • Outer Shell - ABS
  • PP Board - PP 
  • Sealed Ring - TPE 
  • Inner Tray - Tritan


Specifications (without packing box):
  • Large Size: 22.6*17*5.5 / Weight 603 grams  
  • Medium Size: 21*15*4.5 / Weight 490 grams  

 Product Design


All of our products are produced by experienced & verified manufacturers. 

Our products have received international certifications and are carefully tested, checked & audited  by independent bodies.

Our products are audited by FDA & SGS, LFGB, BSCI, ISO9001, SMETA & hold a manufacturer patent.

Product DesignProduct Design


We are so confident in the quality of our products, we offer a free 1-year manufacturers warranty on all products. This warranty covers manufacturers faults and is backed by our manufacturer. 

Should you experience any issues with your product, please refer to our Returns Policy and contact the friendly team at Mum Made Yum as soon as possible.


New Product Designs:

The team at Mum Made Yum are always working on developing new products for our customers.

We are currently working on a new range of kids & baby products. If you have any feedback or ideas of products you'd like to see developed by Mum Made Yum, please get in touch with our friendly team via the contact page.




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