Leakproof Bento Lunch Box

Are you looking to pack in more nutrients into the lunchbox of your child? Have you been looking for a good quality leakproof bento lunch box recently? If your answer to both the questions is "Yes", then here is something you must not do- search for a leakproof bento lunch box on the internet. In fact, this was the exact reason why the owner of Mum Made Yum started the business in the first place.


She is a mother of two children. Her hobby was posting Instagram videos about how to pack different types of nutritional lunches for your children. However, while doing so, she found out that the normal leakproof bento lunch box that she was using was not up to the mark. She found a lot of problems with them. The materials used were not good, and some of the boxes were leaking as well.


Mum Made Yum is one of the most experienced companies that deal with kids cutlery. We have a zero-compromise policy towards quality. Our company has a dedicated team of experts appointed to check the quality of each and every product before they are listed in the product catalogue. One of the biggest plus points of our leakproof bento lunch box is its space. The box is originally a four-compartment box, but it can be converted into a six-compartment one as well if the need arises. In order to prevent leakage, the leakproof bento lunch box has three-layer protection. The outer layer is made from ABS. The middle layer comprises Tritan and, finally, a silicone seal. You can buy any of our attractive bento boxes online by simply visiting our website and choosing the best one that fits your choice.


So, let's not waste any more time. Hurry up and order your leakproof bento lunch box from Mum Made Yum today.


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