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Are you looking to buy a kids bento box in Melbourne? Well, then this is the right place for you to be. Mum Made Yum is an Australian-based company that has unmatched expertise in terms of kids cutlery items. We are currently ranked number one in the market and have seen our company grow significantly over the past few months.


The owner of Mum Made Yum is a popular social media influencer who usually posts videos giving mothers ideas about how to prepare various kinds of lunch for their children. She took the help of a kids bento box in Melbourne to demonstrate her ideas. Before coming up with this unique box, she tried to search for the best one for this mother of two. However, she was not very happy with the limitations that the normal bento boxes had. There was either not enough space, or the box was made of poor-quality material that would have been harmful to the children to eat from. Thus, when our company designed the kids bento box in Australia, we made sure to tick all the boxes. The initial parameter that was considered before making a bento box was the fact that it must be flexible. The box must be able to convert itself from a 4-compartment to a 6-compartment bento box.


Our bento boxes consist of three layers of very high-quality material. The outer shell is made from ABS, while the inner shell comprises Tritan. We top it off with a silicone seal to make the box the best kids bento box Melbourne. All the materials used in the manufacturing process of the box are devoid of BPA and are non-toxic in nature. Our specially designed boxes are checked for any possible leaks and come with a suction seal to prevent the foods between the compartments from getting mixed with one another. Buying from Mum Made Yum is very easy. Simply visit our website and place your order from the comfort of your home.


Hurry up and buy the best quality kids bento box in Melbourne today.

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